Victoria Sponge


Oven 180 / Fan 160 / Gas mk5
2 x 8″ (20cm) cake tins lined with grease proof
Cooking Time: 20-25 mins


For the Cake
200 g Castor Sugar
200 g Stork Margarine
200 g Self Raising Flour
4 Large Eggs
1 tsp Baking Powder
2 tbsp Milk (whole milk is best)

For the Filling
120 g Softened Butter
165 g Icing Sugar
250 g Jam
Vanilla Essence/Extract


Beat the eggs lightly with a fork and add them to your mixing bowl along with all other cake ingredients. Mix gently to combine (about 30 seconds)
I like to add a teaspoon of Vanilla Essence/Extract at this point (more or less as you prefer)
When added, mix between medium and full power for 2 minutes
Divide the mixture equally between the baking tins
Put into your pre-heated oven, just below middle shelf, and bake


  • Ovens vary in temperature so use a thermometer and get to know your oven well
  • Do not over mix
  • Check the cake after 20 mins
  • Make the butter icing using a fork
  • Place a hand/tea towel over your cakes while cooling
  • Sieve a little icing sugar on top of the finished cake
  • tsp = tea spoon and tbsp = table spoon